Let’s not put on airs here. I’m not going to speak in the third person plural about this company and say something like, “At Super Green Games, we develop games that….”


Super Green Games is just me, Dylan Bennett.

I make games. I’ve wanted to make games since the first moment I played one. I made a few random game-like programs here and there during my time working with computers, but nothing official or, well…. good.

Then sometime in 2013, I watched Indie Game: The Movie. I was hooked. I’d always wanted to make games. I wasn’t afraid of the work it obviously took to make them. It’s not like I didn’t know how to program. So why not? I looked up what the current engines were, picked Unity because I already knew C#, looked up a local indie game developers group in Portland, and got started!

So why the name Super Green Games? Two reasons. I’m new to the game development industry. You could say I’m super green at making games. But, by doing this professionally, it won’t be long before I’m making games that are super green.

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